About Me – #ToryLava

My name is Tory Lava, I am 23 years old born in July (Cancer Baby) & I just graduated from college! For the past few years, I have been pursuing a communications degree with a focus in public relations. I am a social media influencer, blogger, spiritualist, card reader, fortune teller, body positive, self-loving, and wannabe plus-size model who drinks way too much coffee & never pays full price for retail.

I was always considered the “odd ball out” so rather than trying to fit in I was always just myself. I found marching to my own beat turned out to be an awesome routine. I always had a love for music and going to concerts which inspired me to want to be a journalist. I started a YouTube channel back in 2010, so I could interview upcoming & some of my favorite artists. After a few years, I retired my channel so I can focus on finishing up school.

I still have a love for music but I have a passion for helping others, fashion, & beauty.

I love my body, myself & I am proud to be who I am! I want to inspire women to love themselves & to find their beauty within by sharing my life stories, personal struggles, motivational posts, interviews with women in power & so much more!

Welcome to ToryLava.com


Tory Lava

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