Nashville Christmas

Hello Everyone!

To be honest, this has been an extremely emotional time for me, but it could also be a blessing in disguise. This is my first ever Christmas where I will not be home celebrating with my family.

But to keep my holiday spirits up, my lovely Mother sent me a little Christmas tree with decorations. I also loved shopping for presents and buying wrapping paper with Winnie the Pooh Bear and his friends on it. For work we played, white elephant, and I got the prize of a message board!

This is a wonderful time of self-reflection and appreciation. I am reflecting on everything I have done in the past year, and thinking about what can I do more for the future. I started looking into volunteer programs out here in Nashville, and I hope to join one very soon. I am also extremely appreciative of my loving family and supportive friends during this time of the year.

While the holiday season can be bittersweet, I try and look at the positive of things, not only around Christmas time but every day. I plan to continue that for the new year!


Tory Lava

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