New Chapter, New Instagram

Hello Everyone!

I am currently writing this is in a hotel bedroom (shout out free wifi) in Tennesse. I am on route to begin my new chapter in my life in Nashville, TN.

I spent the last few days seeing my friends, and family and celebrating new and old friendships while also reconnecting with friends from childhood. I also packed almost everything I have ever owned and had to find a way to put it in my tiny car. Life is very much a journey and I am very grateful for all the amazing and supportive people in my life.

Since this is a new beginning for me I have decided to try something new, and start food blogging! A section on my website will be up soon, but as for now please follow my new Instagram page, EatWithLava. I can not wait to explore this city and eat my way through it.

I have been extremely inspired from HungryGrlBigCity & FoodMamaUSA (who have both been Wonderful Women) so just wanted to shout them out!

Here’s to new adventures! Cheers my friends!


Tory Lava


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