I need a break!

Photo by Brian Carter

Hi Everyone!

ToryLava.com will be a year old this month! What started a school project, turned into a way to express myself, share my stories, and help others. I love that I get to interview women who have amazing goals, and careers ahead of them! I also love that I have a platform to talk about spiritualism, fashion, body-positivity, feminism, love, and of course life!

However, I will be taking a short hiatus because I will be helping my boyfriend, Jason move to a new state, and I will traveling throughout October. I have a lot of things planned for myself in the future as well as for this blog!

I am really happy and excited to share everything, but one thing at a time. I will do what I can to write updates in these upcoming weeks, and well be back doing Wonderful Woman in the new year! Submissions ARE ALWAYS OPEN, so feel free to email me!

Stay in touch with me via, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

Thank you for the love & support!

I’ll be back soon!


Tory Lava

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