Wonderful Woman – Mary Spardel

Meet Mary a new mother, girlfriend, sister & a PR professional! She is from Vernon, New Jersey but is currently living in Jersey City. She is hard-working, motivated & kind. This is her story as a new working mom who is trying to keep it together!


Q: What is your title, what do you do?

A: I am an Account Executive at a boutique PR firm handling a number of healthcare clients on a daily basis. I build relationships with different editors and carry out tasks that my clients need and ask for.

Q: How did you get into the business you are in today?

A: I studied public relations and communications in school at William Paterson University and interned at the company that I currently work for.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you had to face & overcame?

A: The biggest challenge that I had to face was to continue to go to school, work 2 jobs and have a healthy pregnancy. For a few months, I was working part-time at the PR agency as well as at Houlihan’s restaurant as a hostess. At this time, I was also taking my last 15 credits at Willy P and was 5-7 months pregnant. There were times that I thought I was not going to be able to juggle all of those things at once but when the PR agency hired me full-time, I was able to leave the restaurant and focus on my schoolwork and pregnancy. Because of that, I was able to put more focus on work and career. My boyfriend, Patrick, was a very strong support system for me during this time and he is the main reason I had the strength to pull through. He was constantly telling me that I was strong enough to pull through and handle all the different things that had to get done.

Q: What is your work motto?

A: Stay positive and always ask questions. It is better to ask questions then try and do things on your own and end up doing the wrong thing.

Q: What is the best advice to give someone who is interested in this industry?  

A: Read a lot. There is a lot of writing involved and if you are uncomfortable with writing it will benefit you greatly by reading a lot.

Q: What do you like most about this industry?

A: I enjoy the creativity that is needed in this industry. I find it challenging sometimes to think outside the box but it definitely always keeps me on my toes which is something I love.

Q: What would you want to tell your 15-year-old self?

A: Do not worry about it. High school is going to be an emotional rollercoaster but as long as you stay on the right track and stick to your gut feelings, everything will be okay. Boys will break your heart and girls will be mean but don’t worry because you will thrive and they won’t!

Q: What does girl power mean to you?

A: Girl power for me means that you are a badass, hardworking girl who does not let small things get to you. You know that you are smart and beautiful and do not let anybody tell you otherwise. You follow your dreams no matter the obstacle and will always come out on top!


And that’s this week’s, Wonderful Woman!

Thank you, Mary, for being YOU & inspiring others with your words of wisdom!

Check out Mary’s Youtube Channel, here!


Tory Lava

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