A Key to a Successful Relationship

Today is my anniversary with Jason. He asked me to be his girlfriend, two years ago on this day, post eating frozen yogurt. This has been the longest relationship I have ever been with a significant other, and I don’t think it’s slowing down anytime soon.

I think what makes our relationship so healthy and successful is that we work together, and understand one another. We have our own lives, I do my thing, he does his. We have different interests from preference of music to the TV shows we like to watch, but we are able to show one another what we like. We have different opinions on religious views, but we are able to respect one another’s thoughts and beliefs. We are able to hang out with our friends without needing the other one there.

The key to a successful relationship is communication. What you bring to the table from the start will set up your relationship for the future. Much like everyone I meet, I was honest with Jason from the moment I met him. He had my trust from the start. I also told him what I wanted to accomplish in life and how I was going to do so. He respects and believes in me.

When it comes to a relationship always be honest, kind, and loving, and your relationship will be beautiful.


Tory Lava

P.S. Happy Anniversary Jason ❤


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