That’s okay.

This past week I did the following:

  • I barely went to the gym, worked out or did cardio & that’s okay.
  • I ate a lot of carbs & sugars, like donuts, pizza, burritos, and ice cream & that’s okay.
  • I messed up a few times at work & that’s okay.
  • I ignored how my room was getting messy & my laundry basket was getting full & that’s okay.
  • I came home from work, went right to bed & binge watched Netflix for over three hours & that’s okay.

It’s okay to have an off day, off week or even an off month. It’s okay to not want to go to gym, eat your favorite foods, mess up at work, let your room get messy, and binge watch TV. It’s okay to not feel okay. I feel better now, I had a very off week and extremely low energy. There’s nothing wrong with feeling a little blue, down, or upset. I took time to not worry about anything and I just wanted to chill out for once, so I did. I am okay, and I do feel better and it’s okay to mess up and make mistakes. Don’t give up on yourself. You are human, it’s what we do!


Tory Lava


P.S. if you are feeling depressed and can’t seem to shake it, please seek professional help, because remembered you are loved, worthy, & important!

Here are some helpful links:

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