Three Signs You Might Be a Psychic

Discovering I was a psychic was one of the most emotional times in my life, but I am so grateful for my abilities and that I am able to help others. The greatest thing about that time in my life was that I was able to learn to love, lost, and let go; I honestly would not trade that experience for anything.

A lot of times people tell me that they’ll see the same number over and over again, or that they think about calling someone and then they get a call from that person. Well, I have news if that tends to happen to you, you might be a psychic.


1. Higher Levels of Intuition

Do you ever feel you shouldn’t do something, then you’re glad you didn’t do it? That is your intuition. If you have ever been able to predict something before it occurred, you have a higher level of intuition and that is a helpful start to learning about all your abilities. Intuition can happen in spare of a moment, take traffic for example. You are driving to work a regular route and all of a sudden you decided to get off at an earlier exit, turns out there was an accident on your exit and a traffic jam. Something in your gut was telling you do not take that exit, you’re going to be late for work!

2. Having Visions 

Remember that show, That’s So Raven on Disney Channel? Personally one of the most relatable shows I ever watched growing up. Raven was a teenage psychic that would have visions, of events that would happen before they happened. Visions can be in a form of a dream as well or they have can happen in daily life. I had a dream once where I went into a crashed up Maserati car, and said: “thank goodness no one got hurt, but this Maserati car is bet up”. The next morning, I told my mom I had a dream someone got into a car accident, they were fine but their car was a Maserati got totaled. We didn’t know anyone with that kind of car. The next day my Mom comes home from work and tells me that her co-worker’s husband got into a car accident, he was fine but his Maserati wasn’t!

3. Feeling, Healing & Empathy

Those who might think you are psychic have a stronger connect with human interaction. You might feel something is not right, or you may feel something wonderful is going to happen, and it does. A lot of pets and animals have the gift of healing. If you were ever feeling blue, and your pet comes closer to cuddle you they know something is wrong and want to help. The same goes for people, ever just feel like you need to be with someone to help or want to give a loved one a hug, and then they feel better? Empathy is being able to connect with others emotions. You can literally feel their energy or your mood can be changed based on another person’s moods.


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