Past Year of Reflection

I turn 23 years old tomorrow, and I was never much one to celebrate my own birthday until recent years when I was detoxing from negativity. It’s honestly amazing when you are positive what good comes out from it. Surround yourself with people who love, support & encourage you, and they let you, BE YOU!  While I still continue to grow as a person I want to reflect on my last year as a 22-year-old because it was one of my best years. I really understood who I am as a person and I love being able to share that with the world and express myself through my blogging, writing, social media, & modeling. This has been a really great year for me, and I am excited to see what my 23rd lap around the sun brings me.

22 Top Moments of my 22nd year

  1. Visited Salem, MA for my 22nd (July)36487601_10216331282383775_1176623715421519872_n

  2. Went to Warped Tour 2017 (July)36484326_10216331282223771_3208112133686427648_n

  3. Every Time I Die on a boat (July)36492342_10216331282583780_5899887276187451392_n

  4. New York Renaissance Faire (August)36580439_10216331282863787_7109985459907854336_n

  5. Celebrated Jason’s & I one year anniversary (August)36559782_10216331282743784_7759741783327637504_n

  6. Expanded my modeling portfolio with different photographers & shoots

    Photo by FormedInLight
  7. Sunflower Maze (September)36507718_10216331283423801_5263919210832068608_n

  8. Started my blog as a school project (October)28168492_1478667638921681_1802292701771314866_n

  9. Visited The Punk Rock Flea Market (October)36512434_10216331283303798_3335973039505408000_n

  10. Saw the Front Bottoms at Starland Ballroom (October)36437951_10216331283743809_8715643603239567360_n

  11. Hosted a weekly card reading show on Glamour Dolls IG page (October)36479873_10216331284103818_5119980043400904704_n

  12. Started my Wonderful Woman series highlighting badass chicks (November)29136183_1490912361030542_6217293567044354048_n

  13. Visited Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus on a road trip with Jason (November)36496817_10216331283903813_5670231307536302080_n

  14. Professionally got published with The Wild Guru (December)

    Photo by The Wild Guru
  15. Graduated college (December)36569227_10216331284423826_5601825170139381760_n

  16. Got a full-time job in my career field (January)

    Photo by Brian Carter
  17. Visited AC for the first time (March)28661322_10208852268862488_4059771364057899883_n

  18. My 22nd birthday gift from Jason was Lorde tickets, finally saw her! (April)36437223_10216331284863837_1326467496517042176_n

  19. Saw Sum 41 Does this look infected? 15th-anniversary in the city with Jason (May)36463583_10216331284743834_4366274924323536896_n

  20. Reconnected with old friends and made new ones thanks to Bumble BFF app (May/June)s-l300

  21. Visited Nashville with Jason (June)36477423_10216331285183845_8079487572935442432_n

  22. Felt extremely happy this whole entire time! 

Photo by FormedInLight

Thank you all who support & read my blog.

Thank you to my amazing boyfriend, friends & family who believe in, encourage me & inspire every single day.

I am bless to be here for 23!



Tory Lava





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