2018 Goal Check In

The last time I wrote in my journal was in January. I’m a little ashamed of that because I should be journaling more, considering it’s a great coping method and stress reliever getting it all out on paper! But considering I have my blog, in some sense this my journal, it just so happens to be open to the public.

Here are my 2018 goals & where I am now with them 


Goal: Lose 15 Pounds

Where I am: I’ve always struggled with my weight. If you know me or read my blog you know how I feel about my body growing up compared to now. I’m extremely happy in my skin, and just the other day I wrote something about “diet culture” & being able to eat and wear whatever you want. That’s basically what I do, I eat and wear whatever I want. I didn’t plan to lose weight it just sort of happened to me recently because I have been more active, by working out, going for walks, and hiking. I was in a different mindset 6 months ago, but whether I lose 15 pounds or gain 15 pounds, I’m still going to be living my best life.

Goal: Do yoga twice a week

Where I am: In May I finally took my first yoga class since maybe I was in high school. I absolutely love it, I do it every other week and it just sets me up in a better mood for the week. The best part is my Mother finally decided to get trained in yoga, so in a few months, she will be a teacher. I am so proud of her to be taking that step in her life. I am sure with time I will be practicing more than just every other week.

Goal: Meditate 5 times a week

Where I am: Now I meditate every day, it’s 100% apart of my daily routine.

Goal: Learn & practice Reiki

Where I am: I have always been interested in Reiki and healing. I have yet to sign up for classes, however, I have done my homework and read up online and in books about practicing it. Hopefully this fall I can get certified in Reiki. I am a “healer” with my church, which is a great start.

Goal: Maintain a healthier lifestyle

Where I am: I am A LOT healthier and happier than where I used to be. Having a routine, working out regularly, meditating, socializing with positive groups of people, & doing things to make me feel happy and good about myself has 100% help me maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Goal: Practice more card readings

Where I am: Every Monday or Tuesday I do an angel card or tarot card reading on my Instagram story. It was received great feedback from my friends and Instagram followers. From doing that alone I have even gained some clients. I love giving card readings and helping people find their healing and happiness.

Goal: Volunteer more

Where I am: I am still working on that. I know my church offers volunteer work within the church, such as serving and helping at events. But I also want to get back into volunteering with animal rescue centers, because every puppy and kitty deserves a good home!

Goal: Collab & work with other models & photographers

Where I am: I was able to work with a handful of different photographers, and they are all amazing and unique in their own way. I haven’t gotten the chance yet to work or talk with other models. It’s still on my radar.

Goal: Stop drinking

Where I am: I was never really into the whole drinking and doing drugs thing. Even in high school and college it just wasn’t me. Sure I have gotten drunk a few times in my life, but never blacked out, never felt the need to drink every single time I went out. So cutting drinking out my life wasn’t that difficult to do.

Goal: Travel to Nashville, TN this year.

Where I am: I leave Monday night with Jason. 🙂

Goal: Get a passport

Where I am: My paperwork is filled out just need to send it out! I just want a passport so I can visit Canada.


Thank you for reading my goals and where I am with them! I hope you continue to follow your dreams, and accomplish your goals this year and in life!


Tory Lava

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