No Makeup, No Problem

734aeaf17f1e36c0772c29c6e4eca2d2I recently challenged myself not to wear makeup for a few days to see how my skin would react. I don’t say I have ance, but I don’t have perfect skin and I get pimples and blackheads like anyone else.

My skin ragers from being dry to being oily and I noticed when I don’t wear makeup it’s drier and when I do wear makeup it becomes oily.

These past four days I washed my face every morning with warm water and an anti oily ance treatment and I moisturized after. After work, I routinely went to the gym, came home and immediately washed my face with that anti oily ance treatment, and a pore cleanser.

I still can not determine what is causing my skin to break out, but I can confirm that my skin has overall gotten smoother, softer, and the redness from breaking out has gone done from not wearing makeup.


This was really interesting to try out and I am really happy I did it. No one looked at me differently for choosing not to wear makeup and have my skin just be free. Also, I saved time each morning for not applying to my daily makeup routine.

People always worry about acne or having a pimple, and think others are staring at them and insecurities can really take over, but you are beautiful! Whether you have a pimple or not, oily skin, dry skin, a rash, it doesn’t matter you are beautiful, and how you are as a person matters more than how you look. Take care of yourself and know your worth!

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