Interviewing Magic & Seeing It

In 2015 I was writing with a gaming & music blog, we received an email for press and had an offer to interview Michael Grandinetti, the illusionist. I was instantly intrigued and googled him to find myself watching countless videos of his work on YouTube.

You can check out my interview with him right here. We finished the interview and chatted a little bit on the phone and I mentioned to him how I would love to see him perform. He told me that next time he was in my area to come and see him, and I did this past weekend.

He did not disappoint and magic is absolutely real. Every trick he did I whispered to my friend after and said asked, “HOW!?” He even performed my favorite trick, which was the bread and the rings, where he takes audience members rings, sets them on fire, and finds them tied on a string in baked bread.

MIND BLOWING. If you don’t, believe me, you have to see this guy for yourself.

It was truly an honor to meet Michael this past weekend, and I can’t wait to see him perform again! Next time I am definitely going to have to get front row!

My friend Michaela, Michael Grandinetti, & myself! 



Tory Lava

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