My Daily Meditation Routine

I have been practicing meditation for about a year now. I have become more focus on what I want in life. Meditation has taught me to think positive. I learned that I don’t need to just meditate in one special spot, but I can meditate anytime and anywhere!

Since working 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday my life has been on a tight schedule of planning, but I am able to get my meditation in throughout the day.

Each morning I wake up and give a great big stretch! I take a breathe in and a gently let it out. I am ready to start my day, on a positive note!

When I arrive to my office at 9am, I say “good morning” to my colleagues and head into my office. Before even opening up my emails, I find a cheerful, calming, peaceful video on YouTube of mediation music to help me stay sharp and focus. I do a little breathing exercise to get myself going, and remind myself that, I CAN DO THIS.

Now that I have the right attitude going, I continue to do my work until my break, which varies from day to day. With spring time approaching, I plan on taking half of my break outside to enjoy the sweet sunshine and of course to do some more mediation. Having a healthy lunch is key for me to stay balanced, energized, awake, and calm! Right before I go back to work, I hold onto my rose quartz crystal that I have handy at my desk, do a breathing exercise and continue to be so grateful I work in a field that I am so passionate about!

Once 5pm hits, I’m off to do my nightly cardio workout, followed by my obsession of going to relax in the sauna, where I finish off my day with a guided meditation video to help me relax after a long day of work.

Meditation has been proved to improve concentration, help become more mindful, aware, and focus. It can also help decrease stress, anxiety, and help with depression. Meditation has helped me be in better control of my emotions, and as a Cancer I am very emotional!

So get your meditation on!

Photo by @Caaarter_Sauce


Tory Lava

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