Living My Best Life

I decided a long time ago that I am going to be happy. When making this decision, it was also a time for me to let go of my past, and to start looking forward to my future and my own personal goals.

I am now living my best life and it all started with myself. I needed to find the little things in life that make me happy and I needed to surround myself with more loving and positive people. I made a list of things I want to accomplish in life and each day I am working in completing them as well as to make me a better person.

Creating your own happiness can be a challenge in itself but its well worth the change.

Take this blog for example, this was an idea now this is a passion of mine. I get to write about anything I want in my own creative way. I get to share my stories with others and I get to interview amazing women with incredible stories! There is so much to do, and so much to come from it.

I can’t wait to show you guys whats in store.

Thank you for the continuous support and the love! Now it’s your time to be living your best life! Stay Motivated!

photo by @caarter_sauce 


Tory Lava


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