Monday Motivation – Style & Fashion

Good Morning Readers & Happy Monday! This week for Monday Motivation is about STYLE! Yes, lets talk about fashion. When I was little I struggled a lot with clothing and would always wear a t-shirt, skinny jeans, converse and have my hair pin straight. I would a million and one rubber bracelets on and I don’t even wanna think about how I did my makeup back then. I ran with that look from middle school to maybe in the middle of high school.

I changed up my look when I was able to start buying my own clothes wear I would only wear black to look chic. I love the rock n roll, punk style. I would buy black tops with lace, studs, spikes, skulls and I would always wear combat boots. I write about this now because that was my style and that’s who I was and was able to express myself through clothing.

I think fashion sort of molds us into the person we want to be. I like to dress in floral prints and wear different colors. I still love wearing black, lacey tops but they are more business casual now then punk. Changing style is a lot of fun and you can really learn a lot about yourself. Try something new play around with clothes and get inspiration from magazines and stores.

There is no right and wrong in fashion. Be confident in what you wear and what you wanna wear. Dress for yourself. Fashion is about fun and self-expression. Own it. 

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Tory Lava


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