Onward to 2018


photo by @formedinlight


Walking into 2018 like… I am CONFIDENT! 

Thank you all for being supportive, loving, & caring this past year. It has really been a trip for me, interning at @plusmodelmag, be able to connect with people’s loved ones that crossed over & reading their cards to help healing, motivation, & encouragement, to my amazing road trip with my partner in crime (@captainyabs), to graduating college at @wpunj & getting a full time position at a PR firm! I’m so blessed to have such a beautiful life & it all starts within. As the new year comes to be I just want to say the simplest acts of kindness can go such a long way!

If you can’t think of a New Years resolution start with yourself.

Here are some helpful reminders:

1. Self-love isn’t selfish! Focus on yourself! Your mental health is just as important as your psychical health.
2. Be kind to one another! You never know what someone might be going through. A simple phone call or text saying “hey been thinking about you, hope all is well!” can really make someone’s day a little brighter.

3. Stop feeding into negativity both on the media & in real life. If something or someone is bothering get rid of it! It’s not worth it!

Wishing everyone a happy & healthy New Year! 🌋💕💫


Tory Lava 


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