An Open Letter to My Parents

Dear Mom & Dad,

I don’t think I ever have gotten the chance to properly thank you both so here it is… When I first started college I had a lot on my plate, with big plans and crazy ideas through my years there you both supported me through it all. You both believed in me and told me I can do it even when I didn’t think at times I could. You both supported me in my decision making never doubted me through it, even though I doubted myself.

You both brought me up right, taught me the respect to myself and others and I continue to carry that on today. I want to thank you both for your sacrifices, I may never know what they were but I know that they were there. Thank you both for not being selfish and putting your kids and our education before anything else. You both set such a great example of what hard work and dedication can do, and I really admire that from both of you. I hope one day I can be almost as amazing as both of you two are.

So thank you, Mom & Dad, for loving and supporting me and putting me through school.

I love you both, thank you! 



Tory Lava

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