Post Holiday – Style Corner

That awkward moment when it’s December 26th! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, I am currently just getting myself ready for the new year. I’m still trying to find that perfect NYE outfit along with those plans. I’m excited for what 2018 will bring, but I’m even more excited to go and get what I want for this upcoming year.

One of my goals for 2018 is to write more about fashion! So welcome to my Style Corner! I had a wonderful Christmas with my family, boyfriend, and friends! But I was even more excited about what was I going to wear!

So here are my following outfits from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day:


Christmas Eve Outfit


Remember these shoes and pants? If you don’t, check out my Khol’s shopping trip right before Thanksgiving! Because I saved a lot of money on that one shopping trip and you might see another thing or two from there! Kohl’s Haul 

Wine Red Tank Top – Pink Rose

Black Cropped Jeans – Tinseltown

Shoes – Sonoma

Cardigan by Streetwear Society – Annie Sez

Watch – Target (A gift from my best friend Ally!)

Necklace & Rings  –  Wish APP


blog photo 2
Christmas Day Outfit!


I’ve had this outfit planned since I bought this dress at Kohls! I know I’m obsessed with Kohls but seriously can you blame me? I have Kohl’s cash & a coupon that started already and I can’t wait to go back and see what other goodies I can find for myself.

Rings – Wish App

Scarf – Hot Topic

Necklace – The Wild Guru (It’s under the scarf)

Boots & Dress – Kohl’s

I hope you enjoyed my first style corner and hopefully, I can do more of these in the future! Remember whatever you wear it’s your way of self-expression, you are and look beautiful!


Tory Lava 


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