Merry Christmas & Monday Motivation – Moving Forward & Letting Go of the Past

Even with the holidays, I have to post for Monday Motivation but before I do I want to take this time to say, Merry Christmas to all! It’s really the most wonderful time of the year, I hope that you take this day as a gift and able to spend it to the best of your ability with your loved ones, such as friends and family. Remember to be kind to each other, continue to spread love and hopefully one day there will be never-ending peace on earth.

Today’s Monday Motivation is about moving forward and letting go of the past. I personally always reliving and rethinking about situations that happened years ago in my head. I can’t seem to let go of because it’s so difficult to do. Whether it was a bad tiff with a friend, dispute with a family member or maybe some cyberbullying was taken place… the point is this letting go on the past is hard to do for some people including me. I have forgiven a lot of the people that have hurt me and it has helped me move forward but did I ever think maybe I hurt some people along the way? Of course, I have and I want to own up to my mistakes for that.

I am always trying to move forward with my life, I do my best to become a better person each and every day. Letting go of my past which people have hurt me has allowed me to become more aware of myself and others. What I mean by that is, I am just a happier person and I am more open to loving others for who they are, rather than to judge them.

It’s a struggle I think we all can relate to and that’s why this upcoming year I want to spread more time to forgive, apologize when needed and continue to love.

With today being December 25th, Jesus’s birthday if he can grow up to be the son of God, be beaten, made fun of and overall die for us, but continue to forgive and love everyone, maybe we can too.

I wish you a Happy Monday, a Merry Christmas and a beautiful day.


Tory Lava


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