Modeling for The Wild Guru

Hi, hello there reader! Welcome to my blog where I write all positive, motivational, inspirational and loving posts.


If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know how much I’m obsessed with this company called, The Wild Guru! The company is founded by two amazing people, Micku & Max.


They found me on Instagram over the summer because of my card readings I was advertising online, we clicked through social media but meeting these two in person I felt they were like my long lost friends. I bonded with them, and it’s such a small world too. They are so pure, kind, loving, creative and wise. I was so honored when they asked me to model some of their products, it was such an amazing experience that I needed to share with everyone.  When chatting with Micku & Max post photoshoot they told me about all the great places they traveled too and people they have met. I was so moved by their stories and they are such an inspiration to be creating such a unique company that also does good and gives back. All of the photos were shot by Max & links to purchase the items I am wearing are attached.

Make sure you use code: ToryWGFS at check out for a little discount 🙂


Twilight Griselda Guru Wrap Pants


Savanah Cheetah Guru Wrap Pants


Mystic Leopard Guru Wrap Pants


Mandala Tiger Guru Wrap Pants


Jungle Leopard Guru Wrap Pants

Make sure you check out The Wild Guru & 10% of profits goes to protect endangered wild cats around the world! How meowtastic is that!?


Instagram: @TheWildGuru

Facebook: The Wild Guru 



Tory Lava

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