Vivian Ward vs. Tory Lava

Hi, hello there reader! Welcome to my blog where I write all positive, motivational, inspirational and loving posts.

Happy Thursday! I woke up in such a great mood today and just feel really good even though I’m about to walk into an eight-hour shift at work, I’m already on my second cup of coffee and I’m ready to go.

I posted a throwback photo aka #TBT on my Instagram account this morning, and I thought it would be a great idea to explain the photo I posted.

More towards the end of the summer, Jason and I celebrated our one-year anniversary *insert awwwww right here*. It was great! We did a weekend getaway down by the shore and just really enjoyed ourselves and had a great time. The day we were coming back home we decided to check out Asbury Park boardwalk just because we haven’t been there in awhile and wanted to see whats new.

We passed this shop called, Bettie’s Bombshells and Jason suggested we go inside because it was plastered with vintage and pinup clothing and he knows how much I love that style. I actually said “no, I’m good I just wanna walk”, but he convinced me to go in and I’m so happy he did.

Let me tell you about this store, it’s beautiful and amazing and I want to go back but they are currently a seasonal store but I can not wait for them to reopen so I can visit them again. They have these beautiful dresses, skirts, tops, shoes, makeup, lingerie, accessories all from all the finest vintage from the 1940s through the 1960s. It’s literally a fashionista heaven.

Jason and I walk in and were greeted by two friendly employees, they were so kind and helpful and suggested that I tried some things on, take a look around. I honestly felt so comfortable talking to them as if they were friends of mine, and I’ve known them for years. That’s when you know you have a good store with good employees. Another thing I wanna add is that this store carries sizes of all, and I’m pretty sure one of the employees said that the owner can look into buying a bigger size if needed and requested. Which is amazing because I understand what its like for a store not to have your size and it sucks especially when you love the piece.

They were like let’s dress you up like Vivan Ward from Pretty Women. I know what you’re thinking, no it’s not the prostitute dress! It’s the tan polka dot dress!

Not this outfit!



It’s this dress! 😉


Here is the photo of me dressed up as Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman.



Jason’s rocking a Betties Bombshell bowling shirt.


Question time… who wore it better? 

Thanks so much for reading about my summer adventure, and once again thank you so much too, Bettie’s Bombshell! Check them out on Facebook & Instagram!


Tory Lava



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