Forever Warped, Thank you, Kevin!

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If you’re a former scene, emo kid, or just love pop-punk music and cheap music festivals you probably already heard the news that Vans Warped Tour will have it’s the last run this summer. Warped Tour was always a safe place for me. I looked forward to it every summer and the New Jersey dates would be right around my birthday. It was always an experience to some of my favorite bands, go with friends, meet and run into people I haven’t seen in awhile, really connect through music, fashion and arts. I loved seeing how parents took their kids to the festivals and I always sort of hoped that would be me one day.

I first attended the festival in 2010, and since then I have gone every year sometimes I would be a concert goer and other times I had the privilege to be doing press either doing interviews or taking photos. Either way, I always had an amazing time and I have those memories of a lifetime.

Here is my blast from the past and here are my personal top 10 best, Warped Tour moments! Thank you, Kevin Lyman, for all that you have done!

#10 Meeting G-Eazy (Long Island, NY 2012)


Amazing to see some warped tour artists become some of the hottest names in music.


#9 Running Into Hoodie Allen (Long Island, NY 2012)


Hoodie Allen & I go way back, he was one of the first artists I ever got to interview for my “vlog” but I’ll save that story for a different day. All love! So happy to see him doing amazing things these days.


#8 Meeting Mod Sun (Long Island, NY 2012)

T.Mills was right behind us doing a meet & greet. Mod Sun is such a dope guy, he loves his fans & it was really cool to meet him that summer right after he just performed his set.

#7 Being Front Row for Machine Gun Kelly (Long Island, NY 2012)

Fun fact, the day before this warped tour I just broke two of my toes in tae kwon do class but I was determined to be front row for MGK, gosh I miss being 17 years old.

#6 Interviewing New Beat Fund (Camden, NJ 2013)


This makes me miss interviewing bands 😦


#5 Interviewing Reel Big Fish (Camden, NJ 2013)


My high school ex-boyfriend found out I did an interview with them & tweeted about it, guess he was jealous? So I took a selfie with Aaron & Dan because I was petty & asked if he was mad bro? Hope the ex is doing well!


#4 Interviewing Never Shout Never (Camden, NJ 2013)


14 year old me still bugs out about that moment


#3 Interviewing Watsky / VICE (Homdel, NJ 2014)


Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 9.26.32 PM
A writer from VICE was at warped tour in the press room & somehow without my knowledge took a photo of me interviewing Watsky (this isn’t the photo) & put it in his VICE article about warped tour…. some guy on tinder (when I used the app back in the day) ended up messaging me saying “Hey I think I saw you in a VICE article”


#2 Photographing Sum 41


I was able to do press one last time in 2016 & I got to take photos of my favorite band in the world.


#1 My first Warped Tour Experience


MY FIRST WARPED TOUR EVER WAS WHEN I WAS IN 2010 IT WAS ALSO THE FIRST TIME I WAS ABLE TO SEE SUM 41 LIVE (if you know me, you know how much I love them & their music) THIS WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST MOMENTS IN MY LIFE. I know that sounds so corny, but getting to see them live, then getting picked to go on stage was unreal for me. As you can tell from the photo I was cheesing so hard!


Warped Tour has always been something to look forward to and I’m going to miss it. Thank you, Kevin.


Tory Lava

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