Over 1500 Miles for a Tattoo & Food

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Jason & I have been planning this road trip for a few months now and we made it back home in New Jersey with leftover deep dish pizza, a fresh tattoo & an empty case of water bottles and now I also know how to pump my own gas! (kind of)

This whole trip was basically based on Jason getting a tattoo from a Chicago based tattoo artist who is known for his new school style art. (Peep his Instagram he’s amazing!) While it’s in healing process the tattoo came out beautifully and Jason is in love with, almost as much he’s in love with me. But girlfriends out beat tattoos any day of the week.

Here’s The Play By Play – 

Jason and I woke up Thursday morning at 3:30am and was on the road by 3:55am bracing our self for this 12-hour drive we set to download comedy albums and made the time go by, by laughing. Jason read something on the internet that laughing helps you stay awake and if you read it on the internet it has to be true! He took the first shift because he’s a morning person and can actually be awake early without caffeine meanwhile if I don’t have a cup of coffee within the first 30 minutes of me waking up I will be a monster.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 10.28.42 PM
Don’t know if you ever drove through 700 miles of farm it’s about as fun as it sounds.
We only stopped a few times for gas and I had my first experience at a Waffle House in Ohio.

I don’t know why I even had high exceptions for Waffle House maybe it was the hype I had heard about it through my friends who traveled or the ones that actually lived in areas that have Waffle House but it was alright. I ended up ordering a waffle and two fried eggs with a cup of coffee for a grand total of $6, can’t beat that price for that amount of food.

Finally, we arrived at our hotel in Chicago and had plans to eat at Chicago Diner that night. We have heard about this place and how its vegetarian with vegan options and I love to try new dishes and foods and it helps that Jason is a chef always eager to learn more and try different restaurants. Our two Internet friends were able to join us for good company and an amazing meal.

I ordered the chicken ranch salad that is buffalo style seitan wings over mixed greens tossed in creamy ranch dressing, with tomato, onion, carrot, bell pepper, red cabbage & cucumber. Jason ordered the Titanic BLT burger which was veggie seitan patty topped with seitan bacon & french fried onions, lettuce, tomato & chipotle fire TM sauce. Did I forget to mention we ordered buffalo seitan wings to start off with? IMPORTANT OPINION: SEITAN TASTES LIKE CHICKEN!  

The next day Jason was scheduled for his tattoo in the afternoon. He’s a huge Zelda nerd and has been working on his sleeve with all Zelda characters since last February when he first started at a tattoo convention in Philly.


While he was got tatted I meet up with my Internet friend Christian also known as Mr. JJ. Christian and I have been friends since circa 2012 and meet through Twitter because of our mutual love for a comedy rap group called The Buckwheat Groats (who are also friends of mine but that’s a different story to tell). He and I meet at a Chinese restaurant just 20 minutes away from where Jason was getting tatted. We chatted over a bowl of egg drop soup, egg rolls, and a smoothie. This was my first time seeing him in person in over three years and I probably wouldn’t include this part of the story but I wanted to point out how incredible the universe is because he got a fortune cookie that said: “Someone dear to you will be visiting soon”. cookie

After a bite to eat I head back over to the tattoo shop where Adam was halfway done at that point. Wow, this tattoo was going a lot faster than we both thought… about another two hours go by and at this point its 7pm? and Jason is getting his tat wrapped up and we’re on our way to get DEEP DISH PIZZA! I had the pleasure being spoiled with NYC, and NJ pizza but last time I was in Chicago was about two years ago and had my first experience it was good and so was this pizza. It’s just oozing with cheese and I’m about that, but I don’t know if I would call it pizza, I feel it needs another name.


The next day we check out of our hotel and are on route to Indianapolis but before we leave the city we heard about a great little hot dog place serving up dogs since 1946 and WHY DID I WRITE THAT LIKE GUY FIERI? Jason’s friend Calli who is a Chicago resident told us to check it out but whatever you do, do not ask for ketchup. I never really liked or love hot dogs and maybe I’m just sheltered but I had no idea Chicago was known for hot dogs, so obviously I had to try one. One word to describe it: INCREDIBLE. It was just so juicy and salty and tasty. It was just a really great hot dog. We basically ordered three hot dogs and two orders of fries and that cost us about $7 in total!



On to Indianapolis nothing crazy went down in the city, we had an amazing Airbnb host so huge shout out to Chad in Indianapolis not only did he have a beautiful home he is probably the best Airbnb host I have ever encountered. He’s getting a good review! Jason and I just checked out this town called Irvington where we came across a brewery, a little restaurant, an ice cream parlor, and some shops. I would like to go back to Indiana one day though and experience and check out their state parks to channel my inner Leslie Knope. We left the city and were on our last stop to Ohio to finally get some melt.


In case you don’t know what Melt it is, “The perfect oversize grilled cheese sandwich” said Jason. It will be greasy and messy but will be delicious. I am a huge buffalo chicken lover so it didn’t take me very long to figure out what I wanted. I ordered myself the Wet Hot Buffalo Chicken which is crispy battered chicken, spicy buffalo sauce, creamy blue cheese slaw, crumbled blue cheese, ranch dip and will put you in a food coma. Jason ordered the chicken & waffles which was crispy battered chicken, Belgian waffle, sriracha butter, pepper-jack cheese & maple syrup for dipping.


Jason and I just base our vacations and trips around food. Maybe I’ll have a career in travel and food blogging. Don’t get me wrong though, we were so excited and happy to see our friends, check out different cities and explore new areas but we planned out what and where we wanted to eat way in advance before even booking our hotel and Airbnb rooms! 23634818_10214514945976500_1297440616_n

I hope you enjoyed my read about all the miles we drove and all the food we ate.


Tory Lava

P.S. I can not wait to get back on my gym routine and healthy diet!



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