Life After The Letter

Hi, hello there reader! Welcome to my blog where I write all positive, motivational, inspirational and loving posts.


(Photo by RJ Kozma aka @FormedInLight)

Yesterday I wrote and shared my experience with bullying and how it affected me for years after. I wrote and sent that letter to my bully two years ago, in hopes to let go any grudge I was holding onto, not necessarily towards him but more so the anger I had about myself that I actually believed what he told me. Mental illness is a real thing and affects millions of lives each and every day. I share my stories in hope to help and inspire people going through similar situations. 

If you haven’t read that blog post click the link here – An Open Letter to my Middle School Bully

Since I wrote that two years ago, my life is continuing to get better and better each and every day. I wake up happy almost all the time and I am always in a good and positive mood. I still have my moments when I just want to stay in bed, turn off my phone, and not talk to anyone but I slowly but surely overcoming my depression.

So here is a little update on my life after I wrote that letter…

  1. I am finishing up college this December! I am so beyond excited to get my bachelors degree in communications! I just recently got a part-time job as a social media manager for a small local business and I am looking for an internship at a PR firm.
  2. I am also running two small businesses. I have a pet sitting service where I come to people’s homes and play with their pets, feed them, check on them, walk them, stay with them overnight, etc. As well as my card reading business where people contact me to get their oracle cards read by me. I am able to help heal and give hope to people that are going through their own personal struggles.
  3. I got made fun of the way I look as well as my weight, but now I work with this fantastic photographer whose work is incredible. I continue to get my photos taken by local and talented artists as well as going to casting calls for plus size runway shows. Needless to say, I have been fully embracing my plus size curvy self as a plus-size model! I absolutely love the skin I am in and how my body looks and how I look. I am so confident and I continue to share and show that with the world.
  4. I am no longer dating the guy that was stated in my letter. We broke up over a year ago (no biggie). I do have an amazing boyfriend named Jason though who is incredible and also my best friend. Jason loves and supports me through all my craziness and we have been together for over a year and everything is wonderful and magical! I honestly couldn’t ask for a better man in my life. ❤
  5. I have yet to another 5k, however, I am still snowboarding and I longboard. I also work out and go to the gym at least 5 times a week! I also really enjoy going for hikes, taking dogs for walks, and just being outside. As mentioned before I am really into mediation which helps with my asthma a lot!

I am just overall a better person, mentally, physically and emotionally. I love the life I live, I have an amazing support system because of my parents, my family, my friends and my boyfriend. I love to help people and get to know people. I am really spiritually connected which helped me a lot with my healing process and I am so thankful to be alive today! I want to continue to spread love and light in this world, help motivate and inspire people and let everyone know that they are loved, beautiful and worthy!

(Photo by RJ Kozma aka @FormedInLight)


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