Flea Market, BBQ & A Concert

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Oh boy! Is it bad I’m actually sad it’s Monday? My boyfriend, Jason and I have been looking forward to Saturday, October 21st for a while, and it finally happened. But just like being in the movies, and once the credits start to roll it’s like the magic is over.

Here’s my recap on Saturday, October 21st: 

Jason and I spent Friday night in making dinner and baking cookies, we really thought we would wake up a lot earlier than we did, but I guess our bodies told us differently. Waking up a little past 9am we realized we wanted to get to the Punk Rock Flea Market before the noon, we quickly got up and got ready to go.  We have been looking forward to this day for a while now! Last time, I went to the flea market I was working a booth, and every time Jason wanted to go he was working #cheflife. We drove down in his new car that he just bought and drove off the lot that Friday.


Going shopping for me has always been something I loved doing even when I was a little kid. This flea market is just so unique and creative. There is artwork everywhere, and people are so friendly, kind and welcoming. It’s truly just a beautiful experience and it was so great to share that with Jason.Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 5.26.49 PM

One of the vendors was this Boston brand called, Cosmic Unicorn where I first discovered them when I went to Vans Warped Tour this past summer. The founder of the company is two best stylish friends, that are the definition of friendship goals. Their bubbly personality just had me smiling all day! Their line is so adorable, sparkly and fun, and hard not to walk past it. Over a summer I bought a hat from them which a moon & a crystal on it that I am obsessed with, I wear it all the time and always get compliments on it. Every time I wear it and take a photo with it on I always tag them on Instagram. Needless to say when I came to the booth they recognized me right away!22782186_10214348088725173_993451861_n

Other than buying shirts from Cosmic Unicorn / Mall Goth Trash, I also purchased myself a cute little The Nightmare Before Christmas magnet, fan art of The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, and a Jack Skellington pin. Jason and I also indulged on some pizza balls from a food truck parked outside, I ordered The Pizza Riceball stuffed with melted mozzarella cheese and red sauce, and The Buffalo Chicken rice ball stuffed with shredded chicken and buffalo sauce, both were super tasty.22809829_10214348088805175_168618285_n

Jason and I drove down 40 minutes to our next stop, a small little joint that’s serving up some BBQ. We discovered this place when we went down the shore for our anniversary. Just picture huge plates of juicy bbq with corn bread, and two sides, or just look at the picture below and I bet your mouth is already watering. Words can not describe this place other than it’s probably my favorite place for ribs in all of New Jersey. 22751887_10214342309820704_1070299623_n

Post grubbing, we took a trip to a record shop that’s been in business longer than I have been awhile. This place is probably one of the best record shops in all of New Jersey. There must be thousands of records and CDs from every type of genre. I like to play this game when going to a record shop and it’s to find the funniest CD usually I’ll find something along the lines of Baha Men cd. The place has so much history too of great artists walking in and doing live acoustic performances and meet and greets there. In fact, October 2016, Jason and I got to meet my favorite band Sum 41 there.

Just to end the day we finally head over to Starland Ballroom where we can see this line is gonna be long but it was worth it. I’ve been going to concerts since I was 13, they don’t really excite me as much as they used to because I used to vlog with bands and rappers and go backstage for shows. But once in a while when it’s someone I really like I get all amped for it because it’s that moment of I’m seeing my favorite band, I feel and look really good, I get to sing along with the band, and see all these other people that like the same band… it’s just a vibe of goodness you never wanna let go of. That was probably my 5th or 6th time seeing, The Front Bottoms in concert. They just released a new album called Going Grey, which I personally like a lot because I think its that catchy sad music they are known for but fans beg to differ saying its too pop sounding and not enough indie. 22752860_10214342304460570_281086527_n


I really appreciate that I had such a great day with Jason, and it’s important we create memories like that for one another. If you’re reading this and you don’t have a significant other create a day like this with your best friend, or your mom or another family member. I love being around good company, that have positive outlooks on life and want to explore different places and try new things. Thanks for reading!



Tory Lava

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