5 Things I’m Currently Obsessed With

Hi, hello there reader! Welcome to my blog where I write all positive, motivational, inspirational and loving posts.

Here are 5 things I’m Currently Obsessed With:

  1. Saunas – I just discovered my gym has a sauna and it has been so life changing for me. At least 5-7 times a week I workout, my normal routine is 20-40 minutes of cardio, lifting & abs. I recently added the sauna to help me detox my body and clean out the toxins. I feel my water weight has gone down, I do not feel as bloated as I normally do. Each time I go into the sauna I do a 10-25 minute guided meditation that I found off of youtube. It’s the perfect way to time how long I have been in there, and it’s been so amazing leaving the sauna and feeling completely refreshed. Hyuandae-Sauna-Seoul-gay-sauna-main
  2. WISH – If you don’t know what WISH is, it’s a website and app where you can buy basically anything from jewelry to stickers, to makeup, to clothes. I try to stir away from the clothes and makeup because they normally don’t have the best quality or you never know what you’re actually gonna get. But I am obsessed with buying jewelry from the app considering I find amazing deals on products. Almost all of my rings are from WISH and I always get compliments on them. I try to buy rings that are unique with crystals or designs, something that’s fun.  I never spend over $5 on the jewelry either. unnamed
  3. Glamour Dolls Cosmetics – Speaking of $5, another obsession of mine is Glamour Dolls Makeup. It’s an independent makeup brand/line based from New Jersey (I’m a Jersey girl!) and all of their products are under $5, cruelty-free and vegan. Their motto is that they test on dolls, not animals. I love their fakecation bronzer, kitty kisses lip balm and mattenetic lipstick. I have the kitty kisses in Purr Evil, Best Friends Furrever, & Meowter Space (who doesn’t love a good cat pun?). As for the mattentic lipsticks, I have Resist, Power, & Charge.cover_57ebfb4dcee8c_1475083085
  4. Mediation – As mentioned before in the sauna, I do meditation and I just recently started doing it. It was so easy and simple to get into it. A few weeks ago I decided to look up simple meditations on Youtube and the results were incredible. There must be thousands of videos online to help with anything from stress, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, the list goes on. So each and every day I try to do a mediation to help me stay focus, mindful and bliss. Overall the results have been extremely positive, I found myself a lot calmer in “bad” situations and I’m just really happy.Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 9.51.48 AM
  5. Kindness – The world needs a little more of this each and every day. I have always been obsessed with this action, simple things like holding the door for someone, saying please and thank you, donating your time to help others in needs. If people acted a little kinder to one another, gave back a little more, then maybe just maybe this world would be as crazy as it is. Put politics aside and just love and accept one another for who they are.25c719_11f132dd9ff04aac9dc3b4ac20d0200e-mv2


If you like my 5 things I’m currently obsessed with leave a comment before and tell me the 5 things you are currently obsessed with.


Tory Lava




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